Welcome to Institute for Legal Studies, Yonsei University and to our website.

Institute for Legal Studies (The Institute), Yonsei University, originally established as Yonsei Institute for Legal Matters on March 1, 1969, had its first chance for advancement when restructured to Institute for Legal Studies affiliated with College of Law at Yonsei University. With the launching of Yonsei Law School on March 1, 2009, the Institute entered into a prosperous era.

Today, expanded and reorganized as a university policy research institute, the Institute became an independent body to better promote the specialization of Yonsei Law School and to provide the necessary academic base.

We have diverse research centers, dedicated to their own special fields of legal studies in order to meet the latest international trend that has required the specialization and localization of legal studies, and to contribute to the specialization of Yonsei Law School.

To reflect the Modern Society’s demands, which can be characterized by democracy, constitutionalism, globalization, and the realization of knowledge centered scientific techniques, we established 3 specialized centers: “Center for Public Governance and Law,” “Center for Global Business and Law,” and “Center for Medical, Science & Technology and Law.” Those centers conduct interdisciplinary research, and influence on education in relating fields.

Along with the specialized centers, we established “Asian Law Center,” “Chinese Law Research Center,” and “Center for EU Law” to both focalized and comparative studies of regional laws in the global world. Now, the Institute intends to constitute “Center for Basic Law” to stimulate advancement in the Basic Law area and to help strengthen the research and academic training in other specialized and regionalized legal studies.

Those Centers are ultimately aimed to bring about a new era for legal studies and provide a solid basis for consilience through pioneering of new fields of studies and working-level researches. This promotes international cooperation with prestigious institutions around the world, and thus Yonsei University’s legal studies with its own scholarly colors will be recognized internationally.

The Institute hosts national and international conferences on various topics of law in general.
Individual Centers in the Institute also regularly hold conferences and symposiums, separately as well as together, to promote in-depth research and exchange of knowledge between the fields.

The Institute publishes different Law Journals. We quarterly issue “Yonsei Law Review”, and publish “Yonsei Law Journal,” “Yonsei Journal of Public Governance & Law,” “Yonsei Global Business Law Review,” and “Yonsei Journal of Medical, Science & Technology and Law” twice a year. These journals provide the ground for presentation and communication for many scholars.

With our prominent and passionate faculties and researchers, the Institute has created a number of important outcomes to support Korean legal system and served as one of the leaders in Korean legal studies. I believe that our efforts will contribute to inspiring scholarly works on various fields in Korean laws and lead advancement of Korean legal studies.

Thank you.