Center for Public Governance and Law
“Center for Public Governance and Law” focuses on three areas: State (Public Sector), Civil Society, and International Society. Research topics include national policy and administration, social integration, and international cooperation. The Center is especially interested in global governance, carrying out interdisciplinary studies in related fields.
Center for Global Business and Law
“Center for Global Business and Law” carries out systematic and comprehensive studies on global business law in general. Research topics include international business activities of global corporations, international trade, international financial transactions, establishment and management of global corporations, current issues and workings of global businesses.
Center for Medical, Science & Technology and Law
“Center for Medical, Science & Technology and Law” carries out top-level research on the matters related to the resolution of legal disputes and the establishment of national policy in the fields of medical, science & technology. The Center also conducts studies on the systematic support and regulation of cutting-edge scientific and technology developments.
Chinese Law Research Center
As the first Law Center dedicated to the research of Chinese Law in Korea, “Chinese Law Research Center” has been cooperating with many prestigious and foremost Chinese university research centers on various projects. The Center is concerned with Chinese law in general, focusing on researching and analyzing various disputes between Korea and China in hope to help develop solutions.
Asian Law Center
“Asian Law Center” focuses on laws of various Asian countries that have not been researched much in the past. Recently, international trade with Asian countries have increases significantly, providing the need for strategic approaches to these trade relationships. The Center carries out studies of different Asian countries as a preparation for various legal complications and disputes that may arise from recent trend of Korea’s international trade.
Center for EU Law
“Center for EU Law” mainly focuses on researches of EU law, cases, and related materials, ultimately comprehensive and structural studies of EU law system. Through various researches, the Center hopes to contribute to the development of solutions to various legal matters arising from international relationships with EU including those from Korea-EU FTA.